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If you would like to find out all the latest news about the Riparia-Ter project you can download the newsletter in pdf format. This newsletter is published every six months and includes all the different activities developed at the different sites as well as a more analytical section where articles of interest and more historic information can be found about the sites.
Núm. 1 08/07/2010

The European Riparia-Ter project will improve the ecosystem of four areas of the Natura 2000 Network Riberes del Baix Ter

Núm. 2 14/01/2011

Procedures for approval and signing of project agreements under way

Núm. 3 16/11/2011

Forest Reproduction Materials for Riparia-Ter (LIFE08NAT/E/000072). Production of stock for reforestation and enrichment planting of the riverside forests for the RIPARIA-TER project

Núm. 4 25/01/2012

Recovery of temporary wetlands on an old branch of the river Ter in the Parc de les Deveses of Salt (TER-2): Expansion of the Gorga d’en Quirze

Núm. 5 02/07/2012

Good progress is being made in the activities for riverside forest recovery in the Riberes del Baix Ter area

Núm. 6 18/12/2012

The BiodiversiTER exhibition travels through 17 towns of the Baix Ter region over 160 days

Núm. 7 25/06/2013

Over 1,300 people participate in LIFE+ Nature Riparia-Ter activities in the first six months of 2013

Núm. 8 19/12/2013

Thanks to LIFE+ Nature Riparia-Ter more than 75 hectares of riverbank woodland and six wetland areas on old branches of the River Ter have been restored

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