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Maintenance of the Illa d´Avall natural space in Jafre, Baix Empordà

After the signing of the agreement with the Jafre City Council, which allows the Consorci del Ter to manage this natural area through a river guard agreement, management actions have been carried out in order to give continuity to the actions carried out during the LIFE Riparia-Ter (2010-2013), with the purpose of promoting the habitats, recovering forest areas after the fire of 2013 and maintaining the itinerary of public use for the discovery of the surroundings. In addition, in collaboration with local conservation entities such as Galanthus, an extension of the itineraries has been done, native species have been planted and new signals have been placed in aim to reinforce the public use indications. On the other hand, it is planned that new actions will be carried out for improvements to the ponds created during the LIFE projects and removing the accumulations of dead biomass appeared after the strong floods of last fall.

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