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The Consorci del Ter improves the riverside forest in Bescanó, Sant Gregori and Girona

Different restoration works on riverside habitats of the Ter River on Illa de la Pilastra, Illa de Pedret and Can Salvatella Forest, TER1 and TER3 areas, respectively, have begun this week. These actions are part of the project "Recovery of riparian habitats of the Ter River (Riparia-Ter)", that took place in the area and was managed by the Consorci del Ter between the years 2010 and 2013. These works are planned in the Post-LIFE Conservation Plan and they must guarantee the conservation of the different areas of action of the Riparia-Ter since January 2014, once the project has finished.
On the one hand, in Illa de la Pilastra, it is planned to set the ground and maintain the itinerary. New signaling and public use elements will be installed and fallen trees will be removed from the itineraries, as well as waste that arrived during the last floods. Forestry will also be carried out; among others, the treatment of invasive vegetation with phytosanitary injections of plant protection products, clearing and maintenance of plantations carried out within the framework of the LIFE + Riparia-Ter project. The activities are carried out by the Fundació Onyar-la Selva, from the Ramon Noguera Foundation Group.
On the other hand, in the Illa de Pedret and in the Can Salvatella Forest, works will be carried out to control invasive species by means of chemical and / or physical means. In the forest of Can Salvatella, forestry improvements will be carried out to favor the native riparian habitats and gradually replace the old invasive poplar plantation. There will be reforestation and plantations of some trees in the areas where poplars have been removed and there is no native underlying forest, up to a maximum of 25 feet of species such as ash, willow, native poplar or oak. The waste appeared in the area of ​​action will also be removed. The works have been made by Galanthus.
The works will take place until summer.

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