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The Consorci del Ter formalizes two custodial agreements in Illa de la Pilastra and Illa d´Avall

During this spring, both Bescanó and Jafre City Councils, have approved a custody agreement with the Consorci del Ter to manage the Pilastra river island (Bescanó, Sant Gregori and Salt) and the Illa d’Avall area (Jafre). The objective is to guarantee the protection and development of the ecosystem and river environment.
The documents establish a management assignment to the Consorci del Ter in order to carry out projects, field work and execution of tasks aimed at the conservation, maintenance and improvement of the river ecosystem. The Consorci has undertaken to promote and elaborate proposals for the management of the spaces and the annual programming of the planned actions.
At the moment, the Post-LIFE Management and Conservation Plan, prepared after the completion of LIFE Riparia-Ter "Recovery of the riparian habitats on the River Ter" (2010-2013), needs to be redefined. A project, in which, through both Illa d’Avall and Illa de la Pilastra, the existing habitats and species were studied and reported, and the action priorities were defined. Now, with the redefinition of these Management and Conservation Plans, new actions that allow the improvement and conservation of the existing riverbank habitats will take place, as well as the maintenance and improvement of the public use infrastructures created with the Riparia-Ter.
Illa de la Pilastra area has ​​approximately 7,027 hectares and Illa d’Avall around 25,70 hectares.
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