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The Consorci de Ter completes the work for the management of the Illa de la Pilastra during 2016

During the recent months, different actions have been carried out on the Illa de la Pilastra, in the municipalities of Bescanó and Sant Gregori, contained in the Post-LIFE Conservation Plan, after the project "Recovery of riparian habitats Ter (Riparia-Ter)" that has been executed between 2010 and 2013. These works have been done by the Fundació Onyar-la Selva for an amount of 6,500 euros, VAT included, and will last until the middle of 2017.
In particular the works have been on keeping the tracks and itineraries, both the firm and shrub rods, and also the public information signals damaged by vandalism, and also several actions to control invasive plants. In addition, the area where the hide is has been improved by a fence not to scare the animals when accessing and to make better observations of birds and other animals. Moreover, the fence of the north side has benn restored.
This summer, a field work with volunteers has allowed to withdraw many debris and rubble, as well as improve the paths.
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