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The Consorci del Ter keeps working on the conservation and managing of the riparian forest of Can Salvatella as its planned for the Post-LIFE Riparia-Ter project

During this year, several works for managing the forest of Can Salvatella in Girona contained in the Post-LIFE conservation plans have been executed by the Consorci del Ter after the project LIFE + Nature "Recovery of riparian habitats of the river Ter (Riparia-Ter)" to ensure the maintenance of the space.
The works, funded by the City of Girona, had a cost of 2,917.45 euros. The Fundació Mas Xirgu has executed them, which consisted in maintaining the trace of the way through cutting the shrub and herbaceous vegetation and occasional removal of lying dead trees. This task has been done both during summer and autumn. In addition, several invasive species have been treated, such as Ailanthus altissima (according to the protocol of the Diputació de Girona) and others such as Robinia pseudoacacia and and Gleditzia triacanthos through injecting glyphosate in the phloem. The works also include a comprehensive review of the whole area, for ​​invasive plants during this autumn and the spring of next year.
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