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Two Youth Camps have worked during the summer in the Post-LIFE project

During last August two youth camps have worked in Sant Gregori and Salt, with a global participation of 38 young people in the Post-LIFE works of Illa de la Pilastra and some ponds in Salt, with the the support of the Consorci del Ter, promoter and executor of the project we Riparia-Ter.
First of all, in Sant Gregori, it took place between 1st and 15th August, in which 23 young people between 14 and 17 years-old, took part in the work camp "Illa de la Pilastra" organized by the youth association “El Quaranta-dos”. Regarding the LIFE Riparia-Ter they worked in the maintenance of the paths, control of invasive alien vegetation (marking of invasive plants) and waste collection.
The other work camp was organized from 21st August to 3rd September in Salt. The participants were 15 young people between 18 and 29 years-old from different countries (Germany, Spain, Ukraine, Japan, Turkey and Mexico). This field work was organized by the international non-profit organization "El Cau de Salt." The aim was to learn and work to improve the Nature 2000 Network “Banks of the Lower Ter (ES5120011)” and also to know the flora and fauna of the river Ter and in particular in the area of ​​Salt ponds and marshes. The young people did actions similar to Post-LIFE Illa de la Pilastra and also worked hard for improving the ponds created during the Riparia-Ter project.
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