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Consorci del Ter receives the award for Best Project Life-Nature project Riparia-Ter in Brussels

The LIFE + Nature project "Recovery of riparian habitats of the River Ter (Riparia-Ter)" coordinated by Consorci del Ter has been awarded as one of the 13 best LIFE projects evaluated in 2014 a total of 46 by the European Union. It so happens that, since these projects are recognized, is the first time that Catalonia is distinguished with LIFE Nature project. The award ceremony took place on June 4 in Brussels, in the frame of the European Green Week. The award was accepted by the President of the Consorci del Ter, Jordi Munell, the First Vice President, Mr. Pere Prat, and the third vice president, Mr. Gaietà Garcia, and also the vocal, Mr. Josep Rafús and the manager of Consorci del Ter, Mr. Ponç  Feliu.

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