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The activities on the “Illa de la Pilastra” covered in Post-LIFE Conservation Plan have just started

In late February began the works for recovering riparian habitats in the river Ter “Illa de la Pilastra” covered in Post-LIFE Conservation Plan approved in late 2013 by Consorci del Ter and the councils of Bescanó, Sant Gregori and Salt.
This plan ensures the conservation area of ​​the "Illa de la Pilastra" since January 2014, after the completion of the European project "Recovery of riparian habitats of the River Ter (Riparia-Ter)" which was carried out between the years 2010 and 2013 to improve riparian habitat space Natura 2000 network "Banks of the Lower Ter." During these four years the project has worked for the improvement of forests in different areas of activity ("Illa de la Pilastra", "Hortes i Deveses" de Salt and Girona, "Bosc de Can Salvatella" in Girona and "Illa d’Avall" in Jafre) through forestry, reforestation and control of invasive species. It also recovered temporary flood zones and ordered public use.
In the "Illa de la Pilastra" it will take place this arrangement and also maintaining the discovery route of the island, the restoration of the stone steps of the north and south arm, among other tasks like shrub manual maintenance and cane plantations. The actions are carried out by the Fundació Drissa, a social enterprise which presented the most favorable financial budget between the offers received.
Regarding to the conservation of the route discovery it was necessary to replace damaged signs, in particular a poster and to set the firm from the main road to the hide, so marking it as removing logs and other debris deposited by the flood that took place during December 2014. it also includes maintenance of the layout of the route throughout the year and the withdrawal of any fallen trees or lying, removal of debris and garbage collection. Regarding the steps of the north and south arms of the island, it was necessary to replace the stones moved by the flood and cabbage for new ones to access again to the island.
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