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The LIFE + Riparia-Ter led by Consorci del Ter has been selected by the European Union as one of the 13 best LIFE Nature Projects

The LIFE + Nature "Recovery of riparian habitats of the River Ter (Riparia-Ter)" coordinated by Consorci del Ter has been selected by the European Union as one of the 13 best LIFE projects evaluated in 2014 in a total of 46 projectes. In Spain this year there is only one more distinguished, which is "estuary of the Basque Country." Since these projects are recognized, it is the first time in Catalonia that a LIFE Nature project has been selected. In April the European Commission will announce the three best of the best from these 13 projects.
 The award ceremony will take place on June 4 in Brussels, where the consortium will make a brief presentation of the Riparia-Ter Project.
The Consorci del Ter managed the projecte between 2010 and 2013 as a beneficiary of the European project as the coordinator of Riparia-Ter. The project allowed to manage 75 ha. of riparian forest in the Natura 2000 network in the "Banks of the Lower Ter." This was done in four areas of the river Ter, Isle of Pilastra (St. Gregori-Bescanó-Salt), in the Hortes i Deveses de Salt (Salt-Girona), the Bosc de Can Salvatella and Illa de Pedret (Girona) and the Illa d’Avall (Jafre). The councils of Bescanó, Salt and Girona were beneficiaries members, although the project was also developed in Sant Gregori and Jafre in coordination with their municipalities.
The European funds helped half the cost of the project -823,705.15 euros- and allowed to improve riparian forests through forestry, reforestation and control of invasive species. It also recovered temporary flood zones and do management actions for public use. The project was unveiled through visits, lectures and an exhibition which allowed to reach more than 3,000 people from the Ter basin.
TECHNICAL HEADQUARTERS: C/ Sant Antoni, 1 (Cultural Factory Coma-Cros) · 17190 Salt · Tel.972 40 50 91 · albater@grn.es
ADMINISTRATIVE HEADQUARTERS: Passeig del Ter, 2 (Museu Industrial del Ter) · 08560 Manlleu · Tel.93 850 71 52 · albater@albater.org