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Eighty people attended activities discovered on "Illa de la Pilastra"

On March 29 “Ajuntament de Bescanó”, in collaboration with the “Consorci del Ter”, organized activity discovery of the “Illa de la Pilastra” where they participate eighty people. Throughout the morning there were workshops ringing birds, discovered traces, building feeders, butterfly discovered, hanging nests. The activity took place after the completion of the LIFE + Nature "Recovery of the riparian habitats on the Ter River (Riparia-Ter)" which worked in the area of the Natura 2000 network “Illa de la Pilastra”, more three areas of action, “Deveses de Salt”, “Illa del Ter in Pedret and Bosc de Can Salvatella in Girona” and “Illa d’Avall”. A sample of the activities carried out can be seen in the video published by the El Blauet Association: http://youtu.be/q4dozK-mPqE.
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