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Visit with students

Consorci del Ter organized on January 11th a visit with universitary students to see the different activities being carried out within de framework of the LIFE + Nature "Recovery of the riparian habitats on the River Ter (Riparia-Ter)". Participated in that visit 32 students from the University of Girona (UdG) who are pursuing three masters: Master in Science and Technology of Water, Environment Master, Interuniversity Master in Policy and Planning for Cities, Environment and Landscape. The last one is international and will run in conjunction with the following universities: University Autonoma of Barcelona (UAB), University of Lisbon, University of Sassari and University of Venice.

During the day they visited the area TER-2, "Deveses de Salt", and the area TER-4, "Illa d'Avall" in Jafre. The students received explanations from the project technical and information on paper. Took special care the creation of temporary flood zones and their importance for biodiversity. It was also emphasized the control of invasive alien species, an issue which was discussed with the students. You can find more photos of the visit at the following link: http://www.liferipariater.com/EN/214/menu-superior/gallery/students-visit-the-life-riparia-ter-project.html.


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